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Refined Audiometrics Laboratory - CLAS (Compressive Lodness Audio Shaping)
CLAS (Compressive Loudness Audio Shaping) is a tool that provides both progressive phase compensation for bass frequencies, and psychoacoustic bass an...
WOK - MoogoFilter
MoogoFilter is a stereo filter in the style of the famous Moog™-filter. In addition to the commcon manual controls it has a MIDI-controllable envelope...
Semerika - Auto Filter
Kind of Wah-Effect with choice of Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch and more filter types....
WOK - StringChorus
StringChorus is a chorus that emulates the circuits used in the old string machines like Solina, Crumar or Farfisa. Get that famous, lush string sound...
Aradaz - Aradaz Amp 2 Green
Aradaz Amp 2 Green, the second version of Aradaz Amp 2 virtual guitar amplifier VST.


  • 8 parameters (input, gain, b...
  • Windows
    braindoc - Pitch-Shifter
    Pitch-Shifter is a plugIn for shifting the pitch of the input signal without affecting the overall length. Normally pitch and length of audio material...
    MaxxHi5 - MaxxHi5
    MaxxHi5 is VST Plug-in software which has some eq and FXS to your sound, from pan L & R, cutoff and resonance....
    ndzeit - TubeBaby
    TubeBaby is a digital simulation of a tube guitar amplifier. As such it features the standard controls found on a real amplifier, namely gain, bass, m...
    Aradaz - Aradaz Maximizer 5
    Aradaz Maximizer 5 has great performance of limiting audio signal. It has no pumping effect, easy to use, simple and free.

    whiteLABEL - studioCLOCK MK I
    The classic use for studioCLOCK is to tell the time. To change the colour, switch it on and press on the time. ...
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