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Manytone Music - 3S
3S is a Simple VSTi Sample Player designed to be easy to use and low on CPU.

  • VST2.0 plug-in sampler for PC
  • polyphonic up to 24 voices, CPU dependent
  • 4 samples loadable simultaneously, of which each can be assigned to its own note, or all to the same note
  • Mono and stereo sample support, 8 to 32 bit, up to 96 kHz, WAV, FLoat-WAV and AIFF
  • level, tuning and pan adjustment
  • samples can be played over the keyboard to create a "Simple Sample Synth"
  • supports "velocity splits" and "velocity crossfades"
  • "velocity sensitive" trigger pad
  • Sample accurate timing, full VST2 integration
  • Drops Loops
  • Contains the latest "LinPlug Audio Engine" So you can count on the quality
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