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scuzzphut - EQ Killer
EQ Killer
EQ Killer is a switchable EQ module in the style of DJ "Kill Switches". There are 3 adjustable bands of EQ (Hi, Mid & Lo).

Status display shows actual Hz values when changing frequency knobs. Midi support as follows.
  • All 'C' keys mapped to low kill
  • All 'D' keys mapped to mid kill
  • All 'E' keys mapped to hi kill
  • All 'F' keys mapped to bypass
  • There is a button in the top right hand corner of the info page which toggles between "midi match" and "midi toggle" modes
  • In "midi match" mode, the kill switch will go on/off with it's corresponding midi key.
  • In "midi toggle" mode, each midi note on will toggle the state of the kill switch. Note off messages are ignored.
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EQ Killer
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