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Stelsi - Stelsi Virtual Synth v.1.0
Stelsi Virtual Synth v.1.0
Wild and crazy virtual analogue synthesizer unlike any other. First Ukrainian virtual synthesizer ever. Designed and produced exclusively for the band "Stelsi" - pioneers of Ukrainian electronic scene. Using several unique techniques "Stelsi Virtual Synth" delivers a thick & rich sound, from crushing futuristic sequences to classic analoque leads. With its real-time graphic equaliser shape your sound anyway you want. Spin on "Distortion" and turn on "Step Lfo" and it`ll ROCK!!! It`s fast, versatile, simple-to-use with 100 factory presets and user friendly interface. If you want to add fatness to your track - "Stelsi V.S." is for you.
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Stelsi Virtual Synth v.1.0
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