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easytoolz - easy-mr. stringer
An String-Synth-Module with following specs:
  • 2 Oscilators ( 2 X 17 various String-Waves) 5 Octave-tuning and Level
  • 2 Filter ( Low-pass-Ban...
  • Windows
    Bible Truth Lion - Truth Synth v1.01
    Truth Synth’s features are:

    2 Oscillators capable of Detuning

    Each with Volume Control and:
    Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, ...
    GVST - GGrain
    GGrain is a granular resynthesis effect. It randomly takes short snippets (or "grains") from the incoming audio, modifies them, and then reassembles...
    ILIADIS - VH-1
    The VH-1 is a Virtual Drawbar Organ.

    General Features:

  • 64 Notes Polyphony
  • 9 "standard" Drawbars with a clean Sine Sou...
  • Windows
    ILIADIS - Virtual Drawbar Organ
    The VH-1 is a Virtual Drawbar Organ made by Ioannis Iliadis.

    General Features:
  • 64 Notes Polyphony
  • 9 "standard" Drawbars w...
  • Windows
    The ORGANON3 plus has the heart of the ORGANON3 with some changes. There 9 Drawbars (Sliders) with 8 steps and with a clean SINE sound. 2 Percussion O...
    MaxSynths - Simon
    VSTi emulation of Simmons drums....
    MaxxHi5 - MXBASS
    VST instrument perfect for ambient and old school bases....
    MeldaProduction - MDrummer Small
    MeldaProduction finally developed total drum solution - MDrummer is a highly sophisticated (not-only) percussive instrument engine which extends featu...
    Refined Audiometrics Laboratory - CLAS (Compressive Lodness Audio Shaping)
    CLAS (Compressive Loudness Audio Shaping) is a tool that provides both progressive phase compensation for bass frequencies, and psychoacoustic bass an...
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