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CC4 - Thingumajig
Thingumajig is a virtual digialog noise generating thingumajig.
  • Thingumajig can be set to sync with your VST Host or set to free run.
  • Thingumajig contains five oscillating thingamabobs: three rythmic thingamabobs, one clicky thingamabob, and one semi-melodic thingamabob.
  • Three modifier doohickeys that control various whatchamacallits.
  • Three ADSRs with emphasis that control various whatchamacallits of the oscillating thingamabobs.
  • Three rows of blinkies with flow controls.
  • Three doodads that reduce certain oscillating thingamabobs without affecting other vibrations passing through it.
  • Three sync delay doodads.
  • A randomly controllable S&H gilhickie.
  • 4 Mini-Style buttons.
  • Rows of sliding and rotating thingies.
  • Pretty light-emitting diodes.
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